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Watercolour Artist

    B.J. (Bernie) Cattani 

You may contact his family at
#24 - 3333 South Main St. Penticton B.C. Canada  V2A  8J8
Phone 250  493 4099    

Okanagan Landscape

  Art Galleries of Mr. Cattani's Work
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Giants Head




Yellow Rain Coats

Still Life



Biography of Bernie Cattani

Bernie and Wife Toni
Bernie and wife Toni

Bernie and Paintings
Bernie and his artwork

Bernie at Work
Bernie at work

Bernie was an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and resided in Penticton.  His early art work was done in oils focusing on landscapes, local scenery, and other topics of interest.  His recent works were done in watercolour, and he became an established artist in this media.  Bernie also worked with acrylics.

Prior to retiring to the Okanagan Valley, Bernie's railroad career moved him from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg and Calgary.  This gave him the opportunity of expanding and furthering his knowledge in the art world through many art courses and workshops.  While in Calgary, Bernie participated in many art shows becoming an active member of the Calgary Art and Sketch Club.  After retiring Bernie and his wife spent their winters in Yuma, Arizona, where he attended art courses offered through the art department of the University of Western Arizona.

Bernie was a member of a Penticton art group called "The Brushstrokes of the South Okanagan".  This group participates in many of the South Okanagan art shows.  Bernie was actively involved with local artists and explored means of improving the local art scene.  From 2001 to 2006 Bernie taught painting to local seniors at the Sandbridge Art Group.  Bernie passed away in 2006 and will be missed by the Penticton arts community.  In the winter of 2006 there is a retrospective of some of Bernie's recent work at the Penticton Wine Information Centre.

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