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 China Photos Gallery 2002-Suzhou and Guilin
Images by Angie Roth McIntosh

White Lotus
White Lotus

Canal at Zhouzhaung
River and Pagoda at Zhouzhaung

Tour Boats
Waiting for the Tourists Zhouzhaung
Canal at Zhouzhaung
Canal at Zhouzhaung
Painting Zhouzhaung
Angie Painting in Zhouzhaung-See Work
Venice of China--Zhouzhaung
Venice of China--Zhouzhaung
Canal Cruise
Relaxing Canal Cruise Zhouzhaung
Canal to Suzhou
Canal to Suzhou
Boat Living on the Canal from Zhouzhaung
Living on a Canal Boat
Heavy Boat with many arched bridge near Suzhou
Heavy Boat and Ancient Bridge
Boats on large Canal
Zhouzhaung to Suzhou Canal
Rice Field along industrialized Canal
Suzhou Canal Rice Field-Old and New
Suzhou garden
Bridge in Suzhou Garden
Ancient Bonzai trees in Suzhou
Ancient Bonzai Suzhou

Silk thread painting in Suzhou
Silk Thread Painting-Suzhou Embroidery
Traditional music in Suzhou garden
Traditional Music in Suzhou Garden
Angie painting in Suzhou
Angie painting in Garden-see the work
Adorable Yangshou youngster
Adorable Child in Yangshou
Dance Troop in Street of Yangshou
Dancers in Yangshou for Show
Li River's Old Opera Performers-Yangshou
Old Opera Performers Li River
Old Junk on Li River
Old Junk on Li River Near Yangshou
Along the River- Yangshou
Along the Rafting River
River Rafting
River Rafting-Toby and Nora
karst mountains on the river
Karst Mountains
Water Buffalo in the Water
Water Buffalo in the Water
Street in Yangshou
Sidewalk Cafes in Yangshou--Paris of China
karst mountains and rice paddies
Summer Mountains, Buildings and Fields
Two old Folks in Fields
Two Old Folks in the Fields in Fall
Ancient Gate
Ancient Gate on Road from Xingping
Precious Cargo
Precious Cargo on the Scale
Flooded Fields and Karst Mountains
Summer Flooded Fields and Karst Hills
Summer Rain in Remote Village
Remote Village on Back Road to Misty Caves
Misty Village
Misty Village in Wet Summer
Tiny Misty Village
Misty Village-see my plein air painting
Village and Chicken
Chicken in the Fields
Guilin Twin Pagoda
Twin Pagoda's in Guilin
Li River in Guilin
New Bridge on Li River Guilin
Buddha Carvings in Fubo Park
Buddha Carvings in Fubo Park Guilin
Morning Fan Dance--Guilin
Morning Fan Dance in Guilin
Traditional Women in Longji
Traditional Costumes in Longji Area
Rice Terraces
Rice Terraces out of Guilin to Longshen
Longji Traditional Wood Home
Traditional Home and Costume
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