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Starry Starry Night group artist painting
Starry Starry Night July 2009
<> <Penticton Art Gallery
Annual Art Auction
Group painting from 2009
Fun at 32nd Annual Fundraiser for the Penticton Art Gallery    
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Gals Angie and Nel Painting Still Life and Shutters
Band Angie Supervising Painting Painting
Others Painting Guests and artist With Director of Penticton Art Gallery Enjoying Night
Fun Guests and Artists Ron and Ellen More Guests
Guests More Artists Guests Guests
George Family and Friends Guests Artists and friends Glen and More
Painting Gals Start of Eve Enjoying
Levi's Auctioneer and Company Enjoying Artist and friends Painting
Ready to bid Angie Roth McIntosh and other artists working Nel and Angie making final touches Auction
Silent Auction Is it done? We think its done Painting is complete and auctioned

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