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Angie Roth
                          McIntosh painting in her Puerto Vallarta
Angie Roth McIntosh
Painting in her Old Town Puerto Vallarta
Mexico Studio.
Workshop at Art Vallarta  in Puerto Vallarta
Confirmed Nov. 24-26 2017
with optional activities before and after
For info and to register click here
Contact Angie for Materials list
  2017/2018  Workshops
The Pillars of Painting

                        painting in mexicowith Angie Roth McIntosh
"Come a beginner and leave a painter!"

Workshops for beginner and intermediate painters
wanting to  learn about the key elements and techniques
 for having fun painting in acrylics or oils.
 Suitable for those wanting to learn a method
using important basics like tonal value, colour use
 and mixing, and design. 
Students will get ideas and tips
that will make painting a joy
whether working from life or
 a photographic image in studio. 

In 2017 and 2018 there will be classes
 in Mexico (November and February possibly ),
 the wine country of Canada in Penticton
 (spring and fall at Shatford Centre)

 and in Northern Canada near Alaska in Stewart BC in late August.

Contact Angie for more information

Teaching Workshop

Teaching Workshop
"Pillars of Painting"
For Okanagan School of the Arts
Penticton BC Canada

Angie will show you how everyone
can be a painter in your studio or
out in the field! 
More paintings from Oct 2016 Shatford OSA
Display of Beautiful Class Work
Pillars of Painting
Okanagan School of the Arts OSA
Pillars of Painting Workshop
Angie teaching for Okanagan School of Arts
Penticton BC Canada
Angie McIntosh
Will be Teaching
 in Penticton BC Canada
Two 3 Day Pillars of Painting  Workshops
Spring and Fall 2018
Contact OSA www.ShatfordCentre.com
Class paintings from Oct 2016 Shatford OSA
  Display of More Great Work
Pillars of Painting
Oct. 2016
Angie painting at
                        Salmon Glacier Canada
Angie painting by the Salmon Glacier
in Northern BC Canada
The Stewart BC studio workshop
and plein air days
during the last few weeks in August
This studio course will prepare you for
indoor and outdoor plein air painting.
There may be some free accommodation
available at the studio.
Angie Roth
                        McIntosh painting near Salmon Glacier northern
                        BC and southern Alaska
*NEW*Northern BC Workshop
3 Day Pillars of Painting Workshop
Plus free additonal Plein Air Days
at Angie's studio in northern BC
near Hyder Alaska and Stewart BC Canada
Enquire about late August date in 2018
Contact Angie
Anyone (Students or not) may also participate in additional
free plein air painting (even if not in workshop)
 before and after the 3 day studio workshop.

Angie Roth
                        McIntosh painting the alpine near Salmon
Another glorious day painting
Plein Air Painting
 in the Alpine
Plan your visit to Stewart BC
to see the ocean, glaciers, mountains,
alpine, waterfalls and bears
of northern BC and Alaska. 
Plan to take in the
and paint en plein air  before or

after the workshop which is open to any  interested artists for free whether in the class or not.
Painting above Marina
Angie Roth McIntosh
Plein Air Painting in Penticton, Canada
For Free Plein Air Activity!
Come and learn how much fun you can
have while you are painting!!
If it isn't a joy why would we do it?
Blue Boat 16x20 Oil Painting by
                                    Angie Roth McIntosh painted from
                                    life in Stewart BC
Blue Boat
16x20 Oil by Angie Roth McIntosh
Painted in Stewart BC
                                    Freighter in Stewart BC
Red Freighter
Oil by Angie Roth McIntosh
Painted from life in Stewart BC
Zhouzhaung Canal
Great Scenery at the Salmon Glacier
Oil by Angie Roth McIntosh
Aug 2016 Stewart BC
Painting Salmon Glacier
Amazing plein air painting spots in Stewart!
Angie Roth McIntosh
Come join us for some amazing painting up north.
                                  Salmon Glacier
Boats in Hyder Alaska (Sold)
Acrylic by Angie Roth McIntosh

Some amazing paintings
Created in Angie's Workshop
Island Mountain Arts at
Wells BC Canada

Fearless Nathalie 24x30 acrylic
                                  painted in Puerto Vallarta
Fearless Nathalie 24x30 inch studio painting
Wanting to take a workshop with Angie
 in  Puerto Vallarta Mexico?
It is organized! 
Contact Angie or Art Vallarta  for more information

12x16 painting of the
                                          Green Karst Hills in Guilin
                                          area of China by Angie Roth
Guilin-Yangshou China Plein Air Work
by Angie Roth McIntosh
If you are interested in painting
in China please contact me. 
Maybe in 2018?

  Artists be Part of the WorldArtTours.net Network!
Many of these paintings are for sale.  Please contact the artist.