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Tommy Jequin Wu is a sculptor, professor, singer, musician,  and author.  He completed his masters degree in art in Beijing and was at the Central Institute of Fine Arts for almost thirty years where he was a professor, helping to found the Sculpture Research Institute, and was head of the English Language Department. He also translated several western art books to Chinese.

He met artist Angie McIntosh when she went to Beijing to study painting in 1987.  Not only did he help arrange her studies, but he served as a wonderful translator and they became good friends.  He left for the United States and was there for several years before he returned to China in 1997.  To his delight he found that there had been wonderful changes in China relating to peoples' freedoms of speech, movement, and economy.

Angie and Tommy were reunited through the wonder of the internet when in 1999, his incredible autobiography, "A Sparrow's Voice", was released.  His amazing story, chronicles the 20th century history of China from the perspective of an artist who suffered after the communist takeover of China and during the Cultural Revolution.  Eventhough his book was sometimes critical of China's past, Tommy  maintains a tremendous enthusiasm for the future of this incredible changing land.  Professor Wu  found that he was greeted warmly by the people and government in China upon his return.

One of his personal goals was  to serve as a cultural bridge between the people of China and those in the West.  To this end Professor Wu worked hard to teach English in his hometown of Chengdu, helped organize the Foreign English Department at the new Foreign Language School in Mianyang,  and helped set up the painting workshop on Angie's wonderful art tour to China , serving as the artist's translator. He currently resides in Beijing where he has pursued his interests in singing and music.

Professor Wu's wonderful book is available at  If you're interested in learning more about life in China during the 20th Century you must see his remarkable book.  It is definitely worth a read!!  Why don't you buy a copy to donate to your local library? If you are interested in purchasing Professor Wu's Sculpture "Don't Fence Me In" please contact me at

Professor Wu's Sculpture Work

                            Gen. Tang                      Wu sculpture Don't Fence Me In                       Relief of Frank Sinatra

                                       General Tang Fu                             Tommy's Bronze "Don't Fence Me In"                             Relief of Frank Sinatra

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