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Summer Pictures of Stewart
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Paintings of the Stewart BC and Hyder Alaska Region
Driving to Stewart 2004
Snowy Creek Near Stewart
Harbour Light Store
Angie on Way to First Visit in Stewart
Snowy Creek
The HarbourLight Store in Stewart

Harbour Light Store
There is Snow to Paint
Harbour Light Store
Angie's Work at HarbourLight Store
Lots of Inspiring Snow
Cards of the Paintings will also be available.

Tugs in Snow
Ripley Creek Inn Painting of Tugs in Snow
My View from Ripley Creek Inn
Ripley Creek Inn
Painting of Tugboats in the Snow

Temptations Bakery
Downtown Stewart Temptations Deli
Temptations Deli and Bakery
Main Street
Temptations Deli Painted on Location

Angie's Stewart Art Studio on Right
New Painting Retreat Scene of Courthouse
Angie's New Art Studio/Retreat on Right
Location Painting
Courthouse and Glacier, Stewart

More Inspiration
Another Stewart Painting Stewart Late Summer Light
Another inspiring view of Stewart
Hanging Glacier 2
 Beautiful Late Summer Light

Salmon River
Glacier Feeding the Salmon River Salmon River
Salmon River Painted on Location
Above the River
Salmon River Scene Where I Painted

Snowy Bear River
Icy Waterfall Frozen Bear River
Bear River Frozen Up East of Bridge
Pretty Ice Fall
 Scene of Bear River that I painted

Salmon Glacier Evening Light
Salmon Glacier East End of Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier Evening Light
First View of Glacier
Top of Salmon Glacier

I was inspired to visit Stewart in the winter of 2003/04. I had visited Ketchikan and loved the northern BC coast as well.  When I saw how close Stewart was to Ketchikan, I knew that I had to visit Stewart and Hyder Alaska, especially after I saw a few pictures of the area on the internet. I also then saw a great photo essay done on the region by British Columbia Magazine (formerly Beautiful BC magazine).   My first trip to Stewart was in January of 2004.  Although I was only there for two days I was amazed with the winter wonderland that I found.  The trip, driving from Terrace to Stewart was really incredible in the fresh snow that had fallen.  I became more and more inspired as I drove through the narrow pass on the 37 km in from the Cassiar highway.  I knew that I would find a tremendous amount of painting material.   My friend , Frieda Coenraad accompanied me and we both were delighted with the scenery, as well as the town and people that we found.  In the short time that I was here I gathered many wonderful photos of scenes that I would paint that winter.  I had been wanting to do some snow scenes and those I did find in Stewart. I painted the lovely blue scene of the creek and trees as I saw little bits of water surrounded by snowy trees and in the background are some of the mountain tops you see as you look west down the Portland Canal. I also painted the scene of the frozen Bear River with some shrubs and snow covered trees. When I was getting photos from the bridge east of Stewart the foggy mist parted just for a little patch of colorful morning light to streak through from the north east side of the valley. Unfortunately the camera wasn't able to capture this lovely patch of color but luckily as an artist I can add that in to the painting. The last winter painting I did of the region was the scene we saw from the lounge at the Ripley Creek Inn--second floor as was pointed out to me by Mr. Kammerman who has done a superb job of building the inn and renovating other heritage buildings around Stewart, making the town so much more charming and visitor friendly.  I couldn't wait to return in the summer so that I could get in some painting on location.  The rock bottom real estate prices also caught my eye and I was dreaming of having my own painting retreat in Stewart, my own painting studio in a place I could come to be inspired, to work, and one that I could share with other artists.  In the summer of 2005 I saw a cute (homely) little house and so I had an excuse to return.  Return I did.  Bought the house I did (especially after I saw the building on the back of the property that just screamed "future artists studios).  As you can see I got many wonderful photos and because I had my great mobile studio with me I was able to get out and do a fair bit of work painting in the four days that I was up there on my own without family commitments.  I was truly inspired by the mountains, glaciers, rivers, and early fall colors.  I even enjoyed doing some painting of the downtown.  I know that I will be back to do more and I am even looking forward to painting more of the old weathered houses and back lanes as well as the gorgeous scenery.  I also have the daunting  task ahead of fixing up the house.   I am hoping to set up a couple of regular times each year to encourage other artists to join me in Stewart and to paint the local landscape.  I can't wait to have the house operational so that other artists and even writers may come and get inspired by the beauty and charm of BC's little gem of the north .   I think that many artists from around the world will feel the allure of Alaska and the local glaciers and grizzlies.  Please stay posted for developments on the project.  I am going up to Stewart at the end of January and am hoping to see the friends that I have made up there and to get started on organizing the new (old) studio--as well as to get a little bit of painting time in of course!


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