China Painting Tour 2000
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Angie's Photos from Guilin Area
Yangshou Countryside

Angie in Misty Village
Angie McIntosh in China, 
Crown Cave (Misty) Village Oct 2000.
Yangshou rice field
Rice fields in Yangshou, 
Guilin countryside.
Karst Mtns at Yangshou
Karst Mountains in China, 
Guilin countryside.
Yangshou country
Yangshoa Countryside, 
Guilin area.
Flooded Rice Fields
Along the river, 
Guilin countryside.

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I journeyed in the company of a CITS Guilin tourguide Christine to the countryside near Guilin first to the beautiful Misty Village which has the  amazing Crown Caves and then to the wonderful village of Yangshou.  Here the countryside is filled with those magnificant karst mountains that jut up from the landscape amid the rice fields.  These mountains are eroded limestone and generate wonderful caves.

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