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Pine and Tree on Okanagan River by Angie Roth McIntosh
Penticton Centennial Fall 2008 Edition
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Settlers Cabin painted by Angie Roth McIntosh
Angie's Studio
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Penticton Painting
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 Created by Canadian Artist
Angela Roth McIntosh

Penticton Claybanks
Butchart Gardens
Cabin in Stewart Buddha Statue Mexican Gate
North America Gardens and Florals
North China Mexico
Many New Works by Angie Roth McIntosh--most are for sale-contact Angie
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Starry Starry Night Penticton
  Starry Starry Night Penticton
Painted by a group of Professional Artists
For the Starry Starry Night Gala Fundraiser
Of the Penticton Art Gallery
One of the highlights Auction of the Starry Starry Night Okanagan paintingof the Penticton Art Gallery fundraiser this July was the Starry Night Okanagan Version painted by several of the artists at the gala, including AngieNel Witteman and Angie put together the drawing before the event after Nel toned the canvas with yellow acrylic.  We asked Rod Charlesworth painting treeartist Rod Charlesworth to do his signature trees on the left and Laila Campbell Laila painting the mountainset to work with him to get the mountains going. 
More sky input from Robyn Lake
Then Angie and Glen Clark worked on the background and and the dark forground. Rod, Laila, and Robyn  Do you likeAngie and Glen Clarke the yellow behind the pine tree on the left?? I did that!  Wow--how brilliant.  A little more work with Angie and NelNel and Angie painting and a few other artists and the painting was ready for auction.   Angie and Rob really loved it and wanted to buy it but were outbid!  However it was such a masterpiece Angie and Rob McIntosh and Friend Chris from Edmonton and raised some money for the local Penticton Art Gallery!  Great Event! Good job gallery Director Paul Crawford, staff, and volunteers!

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Through an Artist's Eyes

Angie McIntosh enjoying the scenery in Stewart
Canadian Artist
Angie Roth McIntosh
Creator of
above the Salmon Glacier
Stewart, BC

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in the North

Summer 2008 Edition
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China 2007 Edition
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Angie Painting at Penticton Museum
July 25, 2008 Painting
at the Penticton Museum
See Pictures

"Inspiration for 100 Years-A Gallery of Paintings of Penticton"  Click here to visit the gallery.
Renaissance logoArtist Angie Roth McIntosh of created the Penticton100 web gallery this summer in partnership with the Okanagan School of the Arts and the Penticton Museum and Archives to celebrate Penticton's 100th birthday. Local artists were invited to go out Kelsey painting at the SS Sicamous Pentictonand plein air paint to create a new image or to submit previous original work that highlighted some of their  favorite spots in Penticton. Artists may still submit images by contacting Angie.  Angie and daughter Kelsey went and painted down by the Sicamous.  This was the day in July that the huge wind storm blew through Penticton and toppled over many of the trees that survived the major Nov.07  wind storm.  The day started out beautifully but as the morning wore on we saw clouds move in and the wind picked up.  After lunch the wind got extremely annoying so we packed up and went home with paintings not quite completed-- to be completed later.  Open Studio at the Penticton MuseumArtists were also invited to paint for a day in the Penticton Museum during the valley's summer Open Studio Day.  Angie and Kelsey and several other artists spent the day in the museum painting.
Angie Painting at Open Studio Day at the Penticton Museum
See Open Studio Photos.
Click Here to see some other Renaissance People In A Rennaisance Town Photos.  Artists please submit your original painted images of Penticton to be included in the Penticton100 gallery.


Angie, Nora, and Toby 2002 Misty Village ChinaAngie's 16"x20" acrylic painting of the Okanagan Claybanks  was sold at the Penticton Art Gallery Starry Starry Night 31st Annual Art Auction Fundraiser however she does have notecards of the image.  This year's event was exciting, featuring amazing art by regional and internationially renowned artists, Darylectoneslive music by the Darylectones in the Japanese garden by the lake, great food, wine.  For the first time in recent memory it happened in the summer, on July 5th so that locals and tourists on holidays in the great Okanagan could take in the event.  Levis Fine Art Auctions of Calgary was in charge of the auction and works were on display at the Art Gallery, Front Street, Penticton, BC.  For more gallery information call 250 493-2928.

MEADOWLARK FESTIVAL PENTICTON:After a busy spring painting in Mexico, and journeying up Vancouver Island and through the Inside passage to Prince Rupert and Stewart, Angie worked on acrylics and watercolours and painted with Stewart artists for a few days.   Angie led a plein-aire paint out May 17th, 2008 at the Meadowlark Festival organized by OSCA in the South Okanagan.  She was delighted that ecoligist, writer, and philosopher Don Gayton agreed to explain the habitat, biology and ecology of the region to the group of ten artists who went to paint at the only remaining natural  section  of the Okanagan River in BC.  The group was interested in hearing about the projects to restore the sockeye salmon to Skaha Lake and to return some of the river to a more natural state.  Okanagan River and McIntyrer BluffHere is an acrylic painting of the location that they painted at with the Meadowlark group. While this painting is gone now, if you like the image please contact Angie for notecards. This is the only natural stretch left in the Okanagan River as tragically the river was channelized and dyked in the 1950's.     Look at some of the paintings  of this region.   Artists wishing to help protect the fragile Okanagan habitat are asked to join Angie to discuss organizing a paintout during the 2009 Meadowlark Festival. For more information  contact Angie.

CLASSES IN PENTICTON:Angie taught elementary home learner students the art of drawing and painting each week in June and she One of Angie's Studentsoffered a week of classes to children the third week of July through the Okanagan School of the Arts.  These classes were held in Angie's studio and it  was alot of fun--like going to art school with lots of great excercises on drawing, composition, and design, colour theory, and of course painting!  Look at the lovely paintings the children created!

Student Paintings 1 Student Paintings 2 Student paintings 3
Student paintings 4
Student Paintings 5

BEAR FESTIVAL DAYS IN STEWART: The week after the August long weekend was Bear Festival Days in Stewart. 
Grizzly Splashing
Grizzly Splashing
Stewart Harbour
Boats in Stewart
Summit Lake
Summit Lake
Artists taking Pictures
Taking Photos
Yvonne at Salmon Glacier
At Salmon Glacier
Christy painting old tug
Painting Tug
Yvonne painting at Salmon Glacier
Painting Glacier
Callie sketching at HarbourLight Store
Painting Stewart
Angie's art show at Harbourlight Store Stewart
Angie's Art Show
New Zealand artist Lorna Allan and Angie at Bear Festival
Lorna and Angie
Bear Puppet Show
Puppet Show
Arts painting in acrylics
Acrylic painting
Angie's booth at Bear Festival
Angie at Bear Fest
The Haines'-Musician and Jewelry Maker  at Festival
The Haines'
Black Bear
Black Bear

Dennis Holitsky

This year Angie organized an artists plein air paint out Aug. 4-8th to coincide with the festival.  Some artists came from around the province, Penticton, Stewart, Prince Rupert  and New Zealand and joined Stewart artists.  Most had a great week painting around Stewart, in Hyder Alaska, and at the Salmon Glacier and we saw lots of bears.  On Friday, August 8th, from 7-9 PM Angie had an art show at the HarbourLight Store with hosts Eva and Goady Appenzeller.  They've been kind enough to hang Angie's work and have sold her notecards and gifts ever since she opened her retreat up in Stewart.   Artists may contact one of the festival organizor by e-mail for future Bear Festival information, tables or event tickets  if they wish to participate in the Artists' Market that is held in conjunction with the Festival.  Angie had her works on display and organized children's painting again.  All enjoyed displays by several artists, authors, carver, bear program, crafters, a puppet show and the musical  entertainment as well as breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  On Sunday Aug. 10th Angie led a free plein air paint out at the pavilion.  Then from August 11-13th artist Lorna Allen from New Zealand led an Acrylic painting workshop giving several artists a chance to spend a few more days painting. All in all a lovely time was had, enjoying the scenery, making new friends, and painting.


See paintings from around the world by clicking on our world map at the bottom of this page or going here.  You will see the work of other artists which are being added right now.    Learn where you can go to see their work in real life.  See the work  artists do while travelling or were inspired to do when they got home.  See works created en plein air in the artists' own neighbourhoods or painted in their studios. Artists please contact McIntosh to submit your work.To see florals and garden scenes painted by Angie McIntosh click here.


Check out the great photos of some of the most inspiring places to paint and travel in the world.  You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to go on our virtual tours.  Enjoy the treasures of the world when you look at the photos of the wonderful places that artist Angie McIntosh and others have  visited and painted.


Artist Angie McIntosh has created a simple rustic painting studio in an old house in Stewart BC which is near some of the most scenic painting locations of Western Canada and  Alaska, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  In the summer of 2008 artists from all around the world gathered together to paint in this amazing inspiring location and join McIntosh for a painting retreat.   It is wonderful to be in the north in the summer and early fall to paint. If you wish to participate next year contact McIntosh .  Remember the wonderful old days when Group of Seven artists inspired each other on painting trips to the Georgian Bay?  Angie was also inspired by walking through Renoir's home in southern France. The comraderie and inspiration felt and created by the artists who met at Renoir's home must have been amazing.  Seeing the art works left in the rooms by his artist friends who would visit and paint moved her and so she is trying to create a similar environment right here in northern BC.  Click here to learn about joining McIntosh as an artist in residence at her art retreat in Stewart, BC, in northern Canada, minutes from Alaska.  Please note that the Art Retreat of the North is not available for commercial rental--it is Angie's place of art and creativity.


Communities around the world are invited to use this information to increase the connection between locals and visiting artists.


Please visit the home pages of creator Angie Roth McIntosh.  Check out her biography, stories of her journeys, and the galleries of photos and paintings inspired by her wonderful home area and incredible travels around the world.  Learn about friends she made during her time studying art in China and her return trips back to this remarkable scenic country to paint and to get to know wonderful people.  Learn how she lived her dream of taking other artists to explore this picturesque country  and how she has discovered the painting beauty of France, Mexico and her own part of the world in the Northwest of North America.


There are many great online learning websites for painting and you should visit some of them.  We have and we've learned alot.  Check out ours!  Watercolour Lesson 1 and Watercolour Lesson 2 .  See which artists have inspired  Angie.


Make sure you check out all of our interesting activities for viewers and cultural visitors and submit your ideas.  Where is your favorite painting location?  Where is the most exciting place in the world to paint?  What was the most exciting painting trip or workshop that you've been on?  Who is your most inspiring teacher?  What is the most helpful artbook you've read?  When did you discover your burning dream to paint?  Submit paintings that you did around the world so they can be linked to our interactive map. If you are part of a group of Plein Air Painters that would like to show painters from around the world where you like to paint in your area please let us know.

Angie's Busy Summer 2008
teaching, organizing the gallery, exhibiting images of China in my studio gallery
and off to Stewart to paint.
Painters why not plan a painting
trip to Northern BC and Alaska

and join Angie and other artists
in Stewart
in August 2009?
Contact Angie for more

  Our Inspiration Gallery!
Images of Penticton
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Okanagan Lake Marina
Marina Okanagan Lk. Penticton
Munsons Mtn Penticton
  Munsons Mountain
SS Sicamous Penticton
SS Sicamous
Skaha Park Pond
Skaha Park Pond
Skaha Sunset
Skaha Sunset
Skaha Kite Sailors
Kite Sailing
Sailing Skaha
Sailing with Kieran
Skaha Skating
Skaha Skating
Martin Street Winter
Martin St. in Winter
Summer Fun Penticton
Summer Fun Penticton

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Sign at McIntosh's Studio
  3961 Lakeside Rd.,
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Artist Angie Roth McIntosh has created notecards from the images of many of the paintings you see on her website.  The cards and original paintings are for sale at her studio gallery at 3961 Lakeside Rd. Penticton B.C.  Studio discounted price for notecards are $3 each or sets of 10 or more for $2.50.  They come in a clear cellophane protective sleeve.  They may be ordered and shipped at your expense.  Some of the paintings are also still available for sale.  Please enquire by e-mail.  Angie is also displaying her northern paintings, cards, and small prints at the cute HarbourLight Store on Main Street (5th Ave) in Stewart, BC.    Angie's work is now available at the George Little House Gallery at the VIA Rail Station in Terrace.  There are also some of Angie's Kootenay landscape paintings available at Halcyon Hotsprings, Nakusp.  Angie's notecards of the local region are available at the Penticton Winecountry Visitor Information Center , Cowpucchino's Coffee Shop in Prince George and Heartstrings Gift Shop in Smithers.  Angie joined the Penticton Chamber of Commerce in December 2006.



Paints in Stewart
Painting in 2007 on the boardwalk in Stewart at the end
of the Portland Canal, a 90 mile inlet that is the
international boundary between BC and Alaska.

I love to paint in Stewart BC and Hyder Alaska.  I  travel there three or four times a year to paint-winter, spring, summer, and fall.  I love the wonderful mountains, glaciers, wild flowers, old buildings, and bears.  The variety of scenery is incredible!  I have painted many of these local scenes in watercolour and have now also rendered a few in acrylic.

Harbour at Stewart
Harbour at Stewart Late Winter
With village in background
Acrylic by Angie Roth McIntosh
This painting is for sale.
Contact the Artist

Harbour in Stewart
Scene Painted in my Plein Air Workshop in Stewart
I taught a free workshop at the pavilion in Stewart for the Bear Festival with this as a view.   The weather was lovely in 2007 so I've placed those pictures for you to see here and the painting was finally completed in the summer of 2008.  This is the scene I painted and is looking in the opposite direction from the acrylic version of the harbour at the bottom of the left column..  In 2008, 3 folks came from the Queen Charlottes and several from the Stewart/Hyder region so we had quite a large group despite the cold weather and forgetting to take pictures!
Demonstration for class
  Painting started in 2007
Close up
Close up
Inlet at Stewart in Watercolour
Finished  Watercolour
Angie working on Harbour at Stewart painting at Open Studio in Penticton museum
Working on Harbour Acrylic
Settler's Cabin at Stewart Museum
Settlers Cabin
Scene at Museum
in Stewart beside my
retreat house.
Hyder Alaska
Downtown Hyder
by Angie Roth McIntosh
This painting is for sale
Contact the artist

Paintings of North America Paintings of South America Paintings of Africa Paintings of Europe Paintings of the Middle East Paintings of the Far East Paintings of Australia

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