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Meadowlark View (Osoyoos)  Acrylic by Angie Roth McIntosh
 2010 Spring Edition
Angie is the Meadowlark Festival Artist this year! 
See the Full Meadowlark Festival Program Here.  Register Here.
Angie and Murray Roed in Meadowlark Exhibit
Landscapes and Habitats of the Okanagan
Opens May 21, 2010 at 7 pm at Penticton Art Gallery
Join Angie and the Sandbridge Painters
Spring Art Show
Opening May 27th at 7 PM at Leir House Penticton
Sponsored by Penticton Arts Council
Interested in learning how Angie paints acrylics?  Contact Angie if you're interested in a mid June fun workshop in Naramata at a lovely B and B.  May have space for locals.
Click Here for a demo of Angie's technique.
Artists contact Angie to come to Stewart to Paint at Bear Festival
Soon we'll see 2009 but for now
read more and see Pictures from 2008 and 2007

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Call 250 809-7932 for an appointment

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Many New Works by Angie Roth McIntosh--most are for sale-contact Angie
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Meadowlark View (Osoyoos)  Acrylic by Angie Roth McIntosh

Meadowlark View (Osoyoos)
24"x30" Acrylic Painting by Angie Roth McIntosh
Chosen by OSCA for the Meadowlark Festival Painting 2010
This painting will be raffled as an OSCA fundraiser. 
Contact the Meadowlark Festival for tickets.

Statement about Meadowlark View (Osoyoos)
The grasslands habitat of the Okanagan Valley falls within the summer breeding range of the Western Meadowlark.  They will make their shallow grass woven nests on the ground or even in the centre of a patch of cacti.  When I first started thinking about painting a Meadowlark I hadn't yet been fortunate enough to see one. I spoke to the seniors in the painting group I volunteer with about my plans. Many are avid bird-watchers and filled with good advice. They told me I was most likely to see one perched on a fence post near one of our local golf courses especially as males like to perch to stake and defend their territory.

 Having been born in the Okanagan I have for long been concerned about the impact of the large population growth in the area, and how it will affect our wildlife habitat and water resources. 

I painted my Meadowlark sitting on a fence post on the east side of Osoyoos overlooking the local golf course, with the developed town and Osoyoos Lake in the background from a photo I took while on a visit to the NK’MIP Desert Cultural Centre a few years ago.  I chose to paint my Meadowlark in a rather puffed up fashion ( I saw it posed like this in a US Fish and Wildlife photo by renowned wild life photographers John and Karen Hollingsworth) as if in indignation over the local town development and vineyard expansion that could put pressures on the birds' ability to secure several acres of habitat, necessary to successfully breed in our region.

While we humans may chose to live in one of the most favourable and beautiful regions of Canada, we must also be cognizant of the results our choice in habitat is having on the other creatures within our environment. We must think of how we can best reduce these impacts whether through education, restoration, or other steps we may take to mitigate our presence. In my art work, many pieces are painted landscapes done en plein air or from photos of my journeys near and far, most recently the Okanagan-Skaha area and the glaciers of northern BC near Stewart. While I enjoy the natural beauty of the areas that I am painting, I am also thinking about how my presence is affecting the opportunity of future generations to witness the same. While I have a strong desire to network people and communities through art, I am also hoping that I may somehow inspire people to do more to protect our fragile environment.

Angie Roth McIntosh
Meadowlark 2010: Landscapes and Habitats
of the Okanagan Art Show
at the Penticton Art Gallery
Opening May 21st 7-10pm
Angie McIntosh painting the scenery in the OkanaganShow will be on until mid June
See Poster here.
2010 Meadowlark Festival artist Angie Roth McIntosh and Meadowlark presentor and Geoscapes artist Dr. Murray Roed Murray Roed paintingwill be featured in this years Meadowlark exhibition at the Penticton Art Gallery.  The show will feature acrylic paintings of the Okanagan-Similkameen landscape and habitat. Angie will highlight some of the human impacts on the treasures of our local environment while Murray will focus on the geology of our amazing region.

Painter and creator of, Angie Roth McIntosh is the Angie Roth McIntoshMeadowlark Festival Artist for 2010.  As a true Okanagan resident born and raised in Kelowna, Angie chose to return to the valley and raised her family in the Naramata and Penticton area.  Living in the south end of town, Angie has often ventured down to the Skaha/Vaseux area to work en plein air as well as north to Naramata.   McIntosh has seen many changes in the south Okanagan  and waAngie Painting En Plein Air May 8th, 2010nts to share the beauty and fragility of the local landscape while working towards creating an awareness of ecological issues important to the region.  During her journeys across the province to paint she has seen the melting of northern glaciers and the habitat loss and heating up of our southern pocket desert.  It is her dream that the arts community will play a strong role in protecting and enhancing our precious land.

Meadowlark View (Osoyoos)  Acrylic by Angie Roth McIntosh
Cards, Prints, T-shirts, bags, and waterbottles with this image
 are available from the Meadowlark Office.
The painting will be raffled off at the banquet Saturday May 22, 2010
so get your tickets as this is the major fundraiser
for the Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance!

Okanagan River at McIntyre Bluff Acrylic painted by Angie Roth McIntosh

Meadowlark Festival 2010

To join in workshops painting with Angie, paint-outs with Murray and Angie, Geology of the South Okanagan Tours led by Murray Roed Phd, (who is a renowned local geologist,  author and painter), or to attend other Meadowlark Events see the Festival Office website here.

Morning Light (Penticton Claybanks) Acrylic painting by Angie Roth McIntosh
Morning Light
Penticton Claybanks

See the World Through an Artist's Eyes

Canadian Artist
Angie Roth McIntosh
Creator of
completing her last
painting  for the
Meadowlark Exhibit
at the Marina in Penticton

Click Here for Her Webpages
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Nutrition Bites

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See more of Angie's Acrylic's Here.

From Science to Art
McIntosh studied in the faculty of Medicine at UBC.  She met her husband Dr. Robert McIntosh while doing the Rural Doctors elective at the Penticton Regional Hospital.  She left to pursue her interests in art after being encouraged to pick up a paint brush by the hospital art therapist.  With the support and encouragement of her husband and children, Kelsey and Kieran, Angie has been traveling and painting around BC and the world for the past 25 years.

MEADOWLARK FESTIVAL PENTICTON:  Angie led a Balsamrootplein-air paint out in May 2009, Don Gayton leading painters Joanne Beaulieu and Ken Strohm through the grasslands of the south Okanagan near White Lakeone of the many wonderful workshops at the Meadowlark Festival organized by OSCA in the South Okanagan.  Angie was delighted that ecologist, writer, and philosopher Don Gayton agreed to explaPainting at Meadowlark 2009 above Skaha Lakein the habitat, biology and ecology of the White Lake region south of Penticton to the group of artists who ended their day painting the hillside south of Kaleden loView West Skahaoking towards Okanagan Falls.   This year (2010) artists will meet on Friday April 21st at 8 AM at theMcIntyre Bluff painting by Murray Roed Vaseux Lake Wildlife Sanctuary  and will do a walkabout with naturalist Anthea Bryan. (Please register through the Meadowlark Festival).  They will journey around the area learning about the local habitat and then will spend the day painting in watercolours or acrylics.  On Saturday the artists will meMurray Roed at McIntyre Creeket again there for a paint out and day of Canyon Painting by Murray Roedinspiration.  Artists of all crafts may join.  They'll learn a bit about  the geology of the local region by Geoscapes artist Dr.Murray Roed before they set to work. During the day we are hoping that all might consider what role artists of all fields might play to save and restore our wonderful pocket desert natural habitat. Anyone wishing to partake in the fun are asked to contact the folks at the 2010 Meadowlark Festival website. For more information  contact Angie.

En Plein Air:  from a mailout by the Penticton Art GalleryBlowing away above Skaha Lake Angie trying to Paint
En Plein Air is a French expression which means "in the open air" and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Artists have long painted outdoors but in the mid-19th century working in natural light became particularly important to the painters of the Barbizon school and the Impressionists. The introduction of paints being sold in tubes and the "Box Easel", with its telescopic legs and built-in paint box and palette made painting in oils truly portable. The ability for an artist to take their studio out into the wilderness opened up infinite possibilities and allowed artists to truly capture the spirit and mood of the landscape. While this began Angie Painting En Plein Air at Bear Festival Stewart BCto take firm root in Europe, here in Canada painters like Paul Kane and the early C.P.R. painters began to take advantage of this new found freedom and ventured into the uncharted landscape in search of the unknown. The most famous advocates of this new found freedom and the idea of painting en plein air were the members of the Canadian Group of Seven and Tom Thomson who traveled out of the city in search of the natural beauty of the landscape creating iconic paintings which helped galvanize a sense of national identity. We are pleased to offer this event as an introduction to painting en plein air and hope that it will bring greater understanding and appreciation of this tradition and in a small way strip away some of the mysteries behind the creation of art.

McIntosh will be continuing to work with artists in acrylics and watercolours this spring and summer. Okanagan Sailboat Contact her about a possible weekend workshop in acrylics in mid June in Naramata. This two day workshop weekend has been planned to get other artists working in acrylics using a very simple technique of Pink Blossoms Acrylic by Angie Roth McIntoshunderpainting a value study and then laying in exciting colour as demonstrated in Angie's painting lesson number 3 What is really great is that you can come and paint and and have a fun weekend at a lovely Bed and Breakfast in the country!

Those up in northern BC will probably have a cha
Watercolour Workshop in Stewartnce to paint Angie Painting in Stewartwith Angie in the beginning of August when she will be in Stewart probably to paint with northern Alberta artists.  Come and see the beautiful mountains, glaciers, fjord and bears in nearby Alaska.   Contact Angie to get more information.

Naramata Vineyard Acrylic painting by Angie Roth McIntosh
Naramata Vineyard
Painted on Location by Angie Roth McIntosh
Therapy Vineyard, Naramata

On Saturday May 8th, the Penticton Art Gallery has invited Angie to again participate with some of the regions best known artists as they take their studios out to local wineries to paint at spectacular sites in and around Penticton for the 2nd Annual Starry Starry Nights Plein Air PaintoutAngie's Painting Setup at Therapy Vineyards Naramata Angie completed the above 11x14 inch acrylic on canvas painting  this year  and it will be auctioned this year at Penticton Art Gallery's 3rd Annual Starry Starry Night Fundraiser in 2010.  Click here to see the Paintout Brochure.


All the artwork at the Plein Air Paint out  will be on display in the Toni Onley Gallery until the summer fundraiser and these works will form a major part of the Penticton Art Gallery’s 33nd Annual Art Auction, Starry, Starry Night.  In the event you can’t attend this years auction and are interested in acquiring one of the works you can leave an advance bid on these or any of the amazing lots offered can be left at the front desk.  Call them at 250 493-2928 to get your tickets.   See their poster here.


The 24 participating artists in our 2nd Penticton En Plein Air were: La Frenze Winery ~ Robyn Lake, Ken Gillepsie, Jerry Markham, Dave Nicholas; Therapy Vineyards ~ Ingrid Winkler, Angie Roth McIntosh, Ingrid Mann-Willis, Nel Witteman; Poplar Grove ~ Loraine Stephanson, Kindrie Grove, Robert Jenkins, Ron Stacy; Lake Breeze ~ Viv Lieskovsky, George Traicheff, Rod Charlesworth, Connor Charlesworth; Elephant Island ~ Jan Little, Laurel Cormack, Carol McQuaid; Kettle Valley Winery ~ Bruce Crawford, Bill Hibberd, Jim Glenn; Van Westen Vineyards ~ Glenn Clark, Peter Corbett
Many of the artists then spent a wonderful Mothers Day Morning painting on Allendale Road south of Okanagan Falls with a great view of  Vaseux Lake.
Thank you Glen Clark for organizing the paint out!

Starry, Starry Night ~ Penticton Art Gallery'spainting done at 2009 Starry Night
33nd Annual Art Auction coming this Summer!

Click Here to see their poster for 2009
Starry Starry Night painting by several local artists including Angie McIntosh2009 Featured over 120 items,  one of the gallery’s biggest and best auction ever! Angie anf Nel painting at Starry Starry Night 2009Artists were on hand to create another masterpiece on site.  The event was held in the gallery, the Japanese Gardens and Okanagan Lake Park with musical accompaniment by the Rob Dewar Trio. Auctioneer Doug Levis from Levis Fine Arts in Calgary joined us again  for an evening of Ken Gillespie and Robin Lake working on Starry Starry Night paintingbrisk bidding on fabulous artwork and unique packages. All artwork was displayed in the gallery from June 23. Plein air artists will be meeting to paint at local wineries on the Mother's Day Weekend Saturday to create more paintings for the auction.  For further information please contact the gallery at 250-493-2928.  To see great pictures from last year's festivities click here.


See paintings from around the world by clicking on our world map at the bottom of this page or going here.  You will see the work of other artists which are being added right now.    Learn where you can go to see their work in real life.  See the work  artists do while travelling or were inspired to do when they got home.  See works created en plein air in the artists' own neighbourhoods or painted in their studios. Artists please contact McIntosh to submit your work.To see florals and garden scenes painted by Angie McIntosh click here.


Artist Angie Roth McIntosh has created notecards from the images of many of the paintings you see on her website.  The cards and original paintings are for sale at her studio gallery at 3961 Lakeside Rd. Penticton B.C.  Studio discounted price for notecards are $3 each.  They come in a clear cellophane protective sleeve.  They may be ordered and shipped at your expense.  Some of the paintings are also still available for sale.  Please enquire by e-mail.  Angie is also displaying her northern paintings, cards, and small prints at the cute HarbourLight Store on Main Street (5th Ave) in Stewart, BC.    Angie's work is now available at the George Little House Gallery at the VIA Rail Station in Terrace.  There are also some of Angie's Kootenay landscape paintings available at Halcyon Hotsprings, Nakusp.  Angie's notecards of the local region are available at the Penticton Winecountry Visitor Information Center, Cowpucchino's Coffee Shop in Prince George and Heartstrings Gift Shop in Smithers.


Check out the great photos of some of the most inspiring places to paint and travel in the world.  You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to go on our virtual tours.  Enjoy the treasures of the world when you look at the photos of the wonderful places that artist Angie McIntosh and others have  visited and painted.


Artist Angie McIntosh has created a simple rustic painting studio in an old house in Stewart BC which is near some of the most scenic painting locations of Western Canada and  Alaska, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  In the summer of 2008 artists from all around gathered together to paint in this amazing inspiring location and join McIntosh for a painting retreat. Read about the first Bear Festival in 2007. Coming soon will be a post of our painting there in 2009.   It is wonderful to be in the north in the summer and early fall to paint. If you wish to participate next year contact McIntosh .  Remember the wonderful old days when Group of Seven artists inspired each other on painting trips to the Canadian countreyside?  Angie was also inspired by walking through Renoir's home in southern France. The comraderie and inspiration felt and created by the artists who met at Renoir's home must have been amazing.  Seeing the art works left in the rooms by his artist friends who would visit and paint moved her and so she is trying to create a similar environment right here in northern BC.  Click here to learn about joining McIntosh as an artist in residence at her art retreat in Stewart, BC, in northern Canada, minutes from Alaska.  Please note that the Art Retreat of the North is not available for commercial rental or as a B&B--it is Angie's place of art and creativity.  If you wish to work there or join other artists there you must contact Angie first.  Email or phone in Canada 250 809-7932.


Communities around the world are invited to use this information to increase the connection between locals and visiting artists.


Please visit the home pages of creator Angie Roth McIntosh.  Check out her biography, stories of her journeys, and the galleries of photos and paintings inspired by her wonderful home area and incredible travels around the world.  Learn about friends she made during her time studying art in China and her return trips back to this remarkable scenic country to paint and to get to know wonderful people.  Learn how she lived her dream of taking other artists to explore this picturesque country  and how she has discovered the painting beauty of France, Mexico and her own part of the world in the Northwest of North America.


There are many great online learning websites for painting and you should visit some of them.  We have and we've learned alot.  Check out ours!  Watercolour Lesson 1 and Watercolour Lesson 2 and Art Lesson 3  which is about acrylic painting.  See which artists have inspired  Angie.


Make sure you check out all of our interesting activities for viewers and cultural visitors and submit your ideas.  Where is your favorite painting location?  Where is the most exciting place in the world to paint?  What was the most exciting painting trip or workshop that you've been on?  Who is your most inspiring teacher?  What is the most helpful artbook you've read?  When did you discover your burning dream to paint?  Submit paintings that you did around the world so they can be linked to our interactive map. If you are part of a group of Plein Air Painters that would like to show painters from around the world where you like to paint in your area please let us know.

It has has been a busy spring. Angie teaching workshop Leir House 2009 Penticton artist, Angie Roth McIntosh has been painting in her studio and working on paintings for the Meadowlark Festival.  Angie's painting of the tulip fieldsHer studio gallery at 3961 Lakeside Rd.
 Penticton, BC, Canada will be open when possible. 
To avoid disappointment it is best if you contact Angie for an appointment to make sure she is in the studio and not out painting en plein air.  Come in and see her new watercolours and acrylics (250)809-7932.

Painters why not plan a painting
trip to Northern BC and Alaska
and join Angie and other artists
in Stewart BC for the Bear Festival
 in August 2009?
See Photos from Last Year Here
Read more Here.
Contact Angie for more

Angie  McIntosh in Desolation Sound Sept.2009
Angie McIntosh
  getting inspired
in the Desolation Sound Sept. 2009

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Desolation Sound
Desolation Sound
Angie Kayaking in Desolation Sound
  Kayaking Desolation Sound
Boats in Afternoon Light
Boats in Afternoon Light
Flying Raft in Desolation Sound
Flying Raft in Desolation Sound
Evening Light in Desolation Sound
Resting for the Evening
Kieran, Dirk and Paul Diving into warm Lake
Diving into the Lake
Beautiful Blues
Beautiful Blues
Refuge Cove
Refuge Cove

Waterfall in the Sound
Yellow Plane on Dock
Yellow Plane on the Dock in Lund

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