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French Blue Table Acrylic by Angie Roth McIntosh
* 2009 Summer Edition UPDATED*
Starry Starry Night Fund Raiser held in July 2009- more below
See Pictures Here
Acrylic painting workshop with Angie-Pictures Coming
Youth can attend a fun watercolour workshop with Angie-OSA
Interested in seeing how Angie paints acrylics?  Click Here.
Enjoy sunshine in France--click here
Artists come to Stewart to Paint at Bear Festival Aug. 4-9 2009
Artists Join Angie Plein Air Painting! Contact Angie
Read more and see Pictures from 2008 and 2007

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  Summer Show
Angie's Studio
will Feature
"Works from all her journeys"

Call 250 809-7932 for an appointment

Click to see Angie's Acrylics

Visit Penticton100
Created by Canadian Artist
Angela Roth McIntosh
Finn Slough
Bucerias Gate Hudson Bay Mtn Smithers in Watercolour Orange Stucco
Acrylic of God's Mountain Inn Penticton
North America Mexico North France Gardens and Florals
Many New Works by Angie Roth McIntosh--most are for sale-contact Angie
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Angie and other artists attended the
 Starry Starry Nights Art Auction and fundraiser.

Rocks Above Skaha painted at God's Mtn Inn, Penticton
Rocks above God's Mountain Inn  for Auction
Painted on Location by Angie Roth McIntosh
South of Penticton on the east side of Skaha Lake

On Saturday May 9th, the Penticton Art Gallery invited Angie to participate with 17 of the regions best known artists as they took their studios out into in the community and painted at five spectacular sites in and around PentictonAngie's Painting Setup at God's Mtn Inn Angie completed this 16x20 inch acrylic on canvas painting  that day en plein air.


All the artwork completed were on display in the Toni Onley Gallery until July 4th and these works will formed a major part of the Penticton Art Gallery’s 32nd Annual Art Auction, Starry, Starry Night, which was held at the gallery on Saturday, July 4.  See their poster here.


The participating artists in our first Penticton En Plein Air were: Conor Charlesworth, Rod Charlesworth, Glenn Clark, Peter Corbet, Laurel Cormack, Bruce Crawford, Ken Gillespie, Jim Glenn, Robert Jenkins, Robyn Lake, Angie McIntosh, Carol McQuaid, Ingrid Mann Willis, Dave Nicholas, Loraine Stephanson, George Traicheff and Nel Witteman.

Learn about Plein Air Painting Below.

See the World Through an Artist's Eyes

Canadian Artist
Angie Roth McIntosh
Creator of
painting  south of Penticton.

Click Here for Her Webpages
Art Galleries

Spring 2009
Winter 2008
Fall 2008 Edition
Summer 2008 Edition
Spring 2008 Edition
China 2007 Edition
Spring 2007 Edition
Winter 2006/7 Edition
Northern Edition
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Nutrition Bites

Please visit
with information on how
South Okanagan residents
and you can regain
or stay healthy eating a
plant based diet
(Angie built their web page)

See more of Angie's Acrylic's Here.

McIntosh will be continuing to work with artists in acrylics and watercolours this summer through the Okanagan School of the Arts Renaissance Studio in the garage at Leir House Penticton.  Angie taught a weekend workshop (PICTURES COMING SOON) was been planned to get other artists working in acrylics using a very simple technique of underpainting a value study and then laying in exciting colour as demonstrated in Angie's painting lesson number 3
Artists were able to come and paint and  mess up the School of the Arts Studio and not their own house and  even used their materials for a very reasonable $50 additional fee--great if you want to try before you invest in alot of materials.  The Okanagan School of the Arts will have more information about followup Wednesday afternoon acrylic painting sessions--you don't even have to have any supplies or previous experience and you will have alot of fun!  Youth are joining Angie for a workshop in watercolour in mid July.

Those up north will probably have a chance to paint with Angie in Stewart in early August when she will be in Stewart.  Contact Angie to sign up for that and there will be some classes in watercolours. 

 Starry, Starry Night 2009
Okanagan adapted Group Artist Painting at 2009 fundraiser
 Penticton Art Gallery's
32nd Annual Art Auction

Held on July 4th
Click Here to see their poster
See Pictures of the 2009 Fundraiser HERE
Starry Starry Night painting by several local artists including Angie McIntoshFeaturing over 120 items, this is sure to be the gallery’s biggest and best auction ever! Angie and Glenn Clark painting at Starry Starry Night 2008Artists will be creating another masterpiece on site.  The event will be held in the gallery, the Japanese Gardens and Okanagan Lake Park with dinner by Black Iron Grill and Steakhouse and musical accompaniment by the Rob Dewar Trio. Auctioneer Doug Levis from Levis Fine Arts in Calgary joins us again this year for an evening of Nel Witteman working on Starry Starry Night paintingbrisk bidding on fabulous artwork and unique packages. All artwork will be displayed in the gallery from June 23. Tickets: $55 Gallery members $65 Non-members For further information please contact the gallery at 250-493-2928.  To see great pictures from last year's festivities click here.

MEADOWLARK FESTIVAL PENTICTON:Angie led a plein-aire Angie Painting at Meadowlark 2009 above Skaha Lakepaint out in May 2009 at the Meadowlark Festival organized by OSCA in the South Okanagan.  Angie was once again Don Gayton telling us about the grasslands of the south okanagandelighted that ecologist, writer, and philosopher Don Gayton agreed to explain the habitat, biology and ecology of the White Lake region south of Don Gayton, grasslands ecologist leading hike above White LakePenticton to the group of artists who ended their day painting the hillside south of Kaleden looking towards Okanagan Falls.   A lovely afternoon was spent in the Ken Sohm sketching the grasslands in the South Okanagan.sunshine and Angie pretty much completed a fairly large acrylic that will just need a few touchups back in the studio. The group was interested in hearing about the local grasslands and ponderosa pine forest and alsoJoanne Beaulieu contemplating the scene by Skaha Lake about the role that artists might play to save and restore our natural habitat.
Artists wishing to help protect the fragile Okanagan habitat are asked to join Angie to discuss organizing a paintout during the 2010 Meadowlark Festival. For more information  contact Angie.

En Plein Air:  from a mailout by the Penticton Art Gallery
En Plein Air is a French expression which means "in the open air" and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Artists have long painted outdoors but in the mid-19th century working in natural light became particularly important to the painters of the Barbizon school and the Impressionists. The introduction of paints being sold in tubes and the "Box Easel", with its telescopic legs and built-in paint box and palette made painting in oils truly portable. The ability for an artist to take their studio out into the wilderness opened up infinite possibilities and allowed artists to truly capture the spirit and mood of the landscape. While this began to take firm root in Europe, here in Canada painters like Paul Kane and the early C.P.R. painters began to take advantage of this new found freedom and ventured into the uncharted landscape in search of the unknown. The most famous advocates of this new found freedom and the idea of painting en plein air were the members of the Canadian Group of Seven and Tom Thomson who traveled out of the city in search of the natural beauty of the landscape creating iconic paintings which helped galvanize a sense of national identity. We are pleased to offer this event as an introduction to painting en plein air and hope that it will bring greater understanding and appreciation of this tradition and in a small way strip away some of the mysteries behind the creation of art.


See paintings from around the world by clicking on our world map at the bottom of this page or going here.  You will see the work of other artists which are being added right now.    Learn where you can go to see their work in real life.  See the work  artists do while travelling or were inspired to do when they got home.  See works created en plein air in the artists' own neighbourhoods or painted in their studios. Artists please contact McIntosh to submit your work.To see florals and garden scenes painted by Angie McIntosh click here.


Artist Angie Roth McIntosh has created notecards from the images of many of the paintings you see on her website.  The cards and original paintings are for sale at her studio gallery at 3961 Lakeside Rd. Penticton B.C.  Studio discounted price for notecards are $3 each.  They come in a clear cellophane protective sleeve.  They may be ordered and shipped at your expense.  Some of the paintings are also still available for sale.  Please enquire by e-mail.  Angie is also displaying her northern paintings, cards, and small prints at the cute HarbourLight Store on Main Street (5th Ave) in Stewart, BC.    Angie's work is now available at the George Little House Gallery at the VIA Rail Station in Terrace.  There are also some of Angie's Kootenay landscape paintings available at Halcyon Hotsprings, Nakusp.  Angie's notecards of the local region are available at the Penticton Winecountry Visitor Information Center, Cowpucchino's Coffee Shop in Prince George and Heartstrings Gift Shop in Smithers.


Check out the great photos of some of the most inspiring places to paint and travel in the world.  You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to go on our virtual tours.  Enjoy the treasures of the world when you look at the photos of the wonderful places that artist Angie McIntosh and others have  visited and painted.


Artist Angie McIntosh has created a simple rustic painting studio in an old house in Stewart BC which is near some of the most scenic painting locations of Western Canada and  Alaska, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  In the summer of 2008 artists from all around gathered together to paint in this amazing inspiring location and join McIntosh for a painting retreat. Read about the first Bear Festival in 2007.  It is wonderful to be in the north in the summer and early fall to paint. If you wish to participate next year contact McIntosh .  Remember the wonderful old days when Group of Seven artists inspired each other on painting trips to the Canadian countreyside?  Angie was also inspired by walking through Renoir's home in southern France. The comraderie and inspiration felt and created by the artists who met at Renoir's home must have been amazing.  Seeing the art works left in the rooms by his artist friends who would visit and paint moved her and so she is trying to create a similar environment right here in northern BC.  Click here to learn about joining McIntosh as an artist in residence at her art retreat in Stewart, BC, in northern Canada, minutes from Alaska.  Please note that the Art Retreat of the North is not available for commercial rental or as a B&B--it is Angie's place of art and creativity.  If you wish to work there or join other artists there you must contact Angie first.  Email or phone in Canada 250 809-7932.


Communities around the world are invited to use this information to increase the connection between locals and visiting artists.


Please visit the home pages of creator Angie Roth McIntosh.  Check out her biography, stories of her journeys, and the galleries of photos and paintings inspired by her wonderful home area and incredible travels around the world.  Learn about friends she made during her time studying art in China and her return trips back to this remarkable scenic country to paint and to get to know wonderful people.  Learn how she lived her dream of taking other artists to explore this picturesque country  and how she has discovered the painting beauty of France, Mexico and her own part of the world in the Northwest of North America.


There are many great online learning websites for painting and you should visit some of them.  We have and we've learned alot.  Check out ours!  Watercolour Lesson 1 and Watercolour Lesson 2 and Art Lesson 3  which is about acrylic painting.  See which artists have inspired  Angie.


Make sure you check out all of our interesting activities for viewers and cultural visitors and submit your ideas.  Where is your favorite painting location?  Where is the most exciting place in the world to paint?  What was the most exciting painting trip or workshop that you've been on?  Who is your most inspiring teacher?  What is the most helpful artbook you've read?  When did you discover your burning dream to paint?  Submit paintings that you did around the world so they can be linked to our interactive map. If you are part of a group of Plein Air Painters that would like to show painters from around the world where you like to paint in your area please let us know.

It has has been a busy spring. Angie painting at Gods Mtn Retreat Penticton Penticton artist, Angie Roth McIntosh has been painting around the south Okanagan en plein air.   Angie's painting of the view west of Skaha between Kaleden and Okanagan FallsHer gallery at 3961 Lakeside Rd.
 Penticton, BC, Canada will be open this summer. 
To avoid disappointment it is best if you contact Angie for an appointment to make sure she is in the studio and not out painting.  Come in and see her new watercolours and acrylics.

Angie  McIntosh painting at the Salmon Glacier in Northern BC
Angie McIntosh
working at the Salmon Glacier 2008

Painters why not plan a painting
trip to Northern BC and Alaska
and join Angie and other artists
in Stewart BC for the Bear Festival
 in August 2009?
See Photos from Last Year Here
Read more Here.
Contact Angie for more

  Our Inspiration Gallery!
Images of BC
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Harbour at Granville Island Vancouver
Harbour at Granville Island
Above Salmon Glacier near Stewart BC
  Summit Lake, Northern BC
Old House in Stewart BC
Old House Stewart BC
Helmken Falls in Wells Gray Park Ice Cone
Snow Cone at Helmken Falls
Fishing Floats at Finn Slough Richmond
Fish Floats Finn Slough Richmond
Harbour in Vancouver
Harbour in Vancouver
Stewart Slush
Evening Light in Hope BC
Caribou creek with arctic swans
Caribou Stream with Arctic Swans
  Joanne contemplating the South Okanagan Landscape
Enjoying Skaha Scenery, Kaleden BC
Skaha View North from OK Falls
Skaha from Okanagan  Falls

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Paintings of North America Paintings of South America Paintings of Africa Paintings of Europe Paintings of the Middle East Paintings of the Far East Paintings of Australia

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